Our Story


Our blue Earth is facing immeasurable disruption.

We have a problem.

In 1986, Oceana’s team, friends and family of investors founded the Climate Institute— the first NGO formed to alert policymakers to the possibility that human activity might be changing Earth’s climate.

15 years ago, the Climate Institute shifted from alerting the population to finding solutions.

Oceana Energy formed as a solution for our future to have affordable, clean electricity, clean drinking water from the sea,  and hydrogen fuel.

We have to conceptualize a future that’s different for people.

Dan and his team at Oceana Energy partnered with the Navy and have spent years designing the most adaptive engineering for the ocean.

Oceana Energy has found a way to power our communities that is carbon free, inexpensive, long-lasting and requires little maintenance.

Oceana Energy is innovating sustainable energy.

They are sharing it with the world.

Their courage is powering the next millennium.

The ocean calls to us.

Are you listening?