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United States Navy

After designing a turbine specifically suited for the challenges of salt-laden marine environments, the work of Oceana engineers came to the attention of the US Navy's Naval Surface Warfare Center, resulting in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with US Navy engineers that is now in its third three-year renewal.

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During a 3-week session in the United Kingdom, a team from the Tuck School of Business met with Oceana about the current tidal energy market in England and Scotland. This collaboration sharpens key strategies for testing and collecting data on full-scale models of the company’s tidal turbine and continues to lower the company’s projected levelized cost of energy (LCOE).


University of Alaska School of Engineering

Our test device was sent to the Tanana River south of Fairbanks for operational, power-generating sea trials to be overseen by the Alaska Energy Authority. During these trials, Oceana engineers worked with professional engineers and engineering students from the Hydrokinetic Research Center at the University of Alaska School of Engineering.